FIVE ON FRIDAY: My experiences with Couch to 5k


Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I am not a sporty person. Give me a good book over the gym any day. But, the realisation that I had precisely zero chance in an apocalypse had me realising that I needed to do something about that. I remembered an ex-colleague telling me all about the Couch to 5k programme from NHS choices. A little more research told me that it was supposedly pitched at complete beginners so I bit the bullet. Bear in mind that I hated running, after many, many boring sessions in athletics.

Starting the programme, I had no idea how I would ever get to the full thirty minutes. I found it boring, uncomfortable and a little bit embarrassing when I realised how red my face went when I exercised. Still, I persevered and now I feel I can almost call myself a runner, or at the very least a graduate of the programme. It may have taken me a little longer than the 9 weeks thanks to having to get a few stitches in my arm but I can very proudly say that I did it.


Here are some things that I learned:

– The lady’s voice on the podcast is one of THE most annoying things on my list of first world problems but somehow, by the last run of week nine, you will feel a strange love for her. Sometimes, I even miss her.

-The ultimate way to survive running if you hate it? Find a good playlist with either super-angry or super-upbeat music. Seriously, my best runs were to Evanescence.

-It doesn’t matter how slow you are as long as you’re still going.

-If you can, find a running partner. Not only will it keep you motivated but it’ll help you keep a steadier pace, which your legs will thank you for a little later.

– Hit a slump halfway through the programme? Pick up some new gym gear and it might just inspire you to get to the end. It certainly helped me!

Plus! Have a fun bonus one:

-It feels pretty good to know that you have a chance against any incoming zombies, as long as they are slow and won’t chase me for more than three miles. Take that nightmares.

Kelly x

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