Five on Friday: My Favourite Smaller Youtubers


Recently, I’ve been really into YouTube videos. Of course, that means there have been plenty of Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter videos but there have been a few smaller channels that have brought a smile to face when they crop up in my subscription box. I thought it would be pretty fun to share some of them with you and hopefully you will find a few new faces too!


I love the Becky Bedbug blog so was thrilled to discover that she had a Youtube channel too. I particularly love her book videos, though my bank account probably doesn’t. She also seems to be a queen at finding bargains, when it comes to the things she is reading. By the look of it, she has picked up some gems, especially those with brilliant marginalia. They  make me want to hire her to come book shopping with me! I think she would be the perfect companion!

Frankie Boo is a new follow for me but I fell in love with her Make up Collection and now I can’t wait for her newest videos to make their way to me. Plus, that girl has seriously good taste in blushers – last time that I watched, I was practically taking notes.


From obsessing over her New York videos to her vlogs, I’ve been a fan of Charlotte from Colours and Carousels for a while. She also runs a great blog that never fails to bring a smile to my face. She seems like the kind of girl you’d love to share tea and cake with!

Ashling Draws is not only a seriously talented illustrator but has some seriously fun vlogs. In her spare time, she also runs PopDundee, a showcase of comic design and artwork. This lady is going places, I’m telling you. Make sure to check out her Speed Drawing videos to see what I’m on about.


A fellow northern lady, Katie Jane Online  has been knocking it out of the park recently with her videos. You should go check out her 25 facts about me video – that’s what got me hooked! She also shares beauty recommendations and foodie videos too.

Who are your favourite smaller youtubers? If you have any recommendations, please do leave them below! I’m on a serious Youtube kick right now!

Kelly x


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