FIVE ON FRIDAY: Places I would like to visit

Places I'd like to visit

Perhaps it’s a result of my imminent freedom, but I’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug recently. I really want to go and see some of the places I’ve been reading about or ogling on travel blogs. I’m determined to pack my suitcase and head off on an adventure after graduation, which means that I’ve been spending a lot of time researching holidays! I think I’ve narrowed it down to a European city (for now) though I’m nowhere near actually making plans just yet. Still, I thought it might be fun to share some of the places I’ve been daydreaming about recently…

Places I'd like to visit

I’ve been to Paris before but I’m desperate to go back. It’s been far too long and the memories are growing a little hazy. There’s a reason it’s such a popular destination and easy enough to get to. Plus, it’s not that far from Disney if I fancied popping into see some of my fave characters…

A friend of mine visited Rome fairly recently and seeing their photos all over my Facebook feed is making me eager to pay the city a visit myself. While I tend to focus more on Greece in my classical studies modules, I’ve still done some reading about Rome and would love to see some of the old-school architecture. I love places with a lot of history and Rome definitely fits the bill!

Following on from that, the absolute dream would be to go to Athens. To see all the temples up close, particularly those on the acropolis? Oh my nerdy heart would be very, very happy. Every time anyone I vaguely know tells me that they’re going to Athens, I ask them to take pictures of my fave temples for me. I could even go to Brauron (one of my fave sanctuaries ever) if I could a) navigate public transport or b) take someone who can drive. I get very, very excited at the prospect of this one.

Way back in first year, Sam and I booked a holiday to Berlin. We were excited. Planning our time there. And then, boom. The company’s incompetence meant that it all fell through. Luckily, we got our money back but the whole experience was the exact opposite of the stress free and fun adventure we had planned. It’s only now, nearly three years later, that I’m contemplating trying again. It’s always been on my list, but I think I was a little worried that it was cursed for us or something.

The final choice probably has something to do with the fact that a lot of our books this semester are set in Venice. I’ve reading about it a lot and now I really, really want to go. Everyone I speak to has rave reviews of it and I think it’s slowly climbing up the ranks of my travel to-do list…

Now, I just need to plan, book and fund all of these trips! Simple, right?

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