FIVE ON FRIDAY: Things I miss about the North East

Things I miss in the North east Text

I was recently back home for a flying visit (as in maybe 15 hours in town) and it made me realise just how much I miss the north east. Don’t get me wrong, I love St Andrews but the north east holds a very, very big part of my heart hostage. As terrifying as the prospect of graduating is, the thought of being back in good old county durham is something I’m pretty excited about, even if that is just for a few months while I figure out what is next. There’s plenty that I can’t wait to have back in my life including:

north east

Cooplands, otherwise known as the best bakery in the world. Though there is a lot of northern food that I miss (Hey there parmos and stotties), there’s one place that’s always top of my list when I’m home. The melting moments from Cooplands are one of the most delicious sweet treats I have ever had and the ham salad sandwiches regularly feature in my daydreams. They were my go to during many a lunch break when I was working in Darlington and I genuinely miss them! Is that sad? Probably. I’m still in love with Cooplands anyways.

One of my least favourite things about St Andrews? How expensive EVERYTHING is. Consequently, one of the things that I miss the most about the north east?  Affordable prices. Where’s my spoons cocktail offers? Where’s the houses with reasonable rent? Where’s the Boyes for everything you could possible need?

There are some beautiful places in the North East and I really miss having them so nearby. Places like Durham and Northallerton, that are great for a day trip. Of course, there are places like this near to St Andrews but that doesn’t stop me from missing my old favourites.

If there’s one thing that northerners are good at, it is proper slang. I miss people getting it when I saw things like bait, bairn and t’shops!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a post about missing the north east without mention of all the people there! My family and friends are in t’north and though we chat when we can, I miss being able to pop round for a cuppa. It’s so much easier when you’re all in the same town! I also miss the people in the north east in general, and how they’re always keen for a natter!

Kelly x

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