Five on Friday: Things I would rather be doing

Things I would rather be doing

Oh wait, what’s that? Another post where Kelly talks about her dissertation? Yes, yes it is. But we’re getting to the end of the moaning, I promise.

However, since I’m stuck in the final editing/drafting/formatting/freaking out stages, I thought I would share five things that I would rather be doing right now…No, you’re procrastinating!

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  1. Spending my lottery win on an Edinburgh shopping trip. I could pick up all the Christmas presents for my friends and family that are still on my list (and maybe a little something for myself too…). Who wouldn’t want a trip to the Edinburgh Christmas markets right now?
  2. Or I could be curled up under some blankets, with a hot chocolate and a book. I have plenty sat on my TBR list just waiting for me to pay them a little attention… This one gets bonus points since I wouldn’t have to leave the house.
  3. Maybe I could pack a bag and head to Disneyland Paris. You can’t be stressed at Disney, surely? Plus, I could add to my ever-extending collection of Disney mugs. You can never have too many of those.
  4. If I’m taking a holiday, I could always go to Greece and see the things I’ve been reading about. Visiting temples seems like a much better idea than more time taking notes about temples and the like.
  5.  I could just straight up run away from my problems and go on a round the world cruise where I can read and shop? This seems like the best option, particularly if there are stops at Disney world AND the Parthenon? Does this exist? I feel it’s quite a niche holiday market, but one I would be keen to take advantage of right about now.

Or I could just stop procrastinating and do some work. Yep, I should probably do that. Right after I look up holidays…

Kelly x

Things I would rather be doing

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