FIVE ON FRIDAY: What happens after university?*


Since starting fourth year, the go to question seems to be about my plans for next year. It might be ten months away, but it seems to be on people’s minds. Of course, it’s on mine too! While I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing after graduation just yet, I’ve been doing plenty of research into the options open to me. Since you guys seemed to enjoy my  university posts, I thought I would share some of this with you!

After University

Currently, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a postgraduate programme in something a little more vocational. There’s been plenty of stalking through university websites and prospectuses while I try and work out if this is for me! Part of me thinks this is the best idea ever, while the other worries if I’ll be able to make it through two more years of university without forgetting how the real world works. Then, there are the questions of where I will go, how will I fund it, will it help my career etc – it’s like being 18 again!

I’ve been taking advantage  of the Careers Centre at my university to chat with some advisers and find some more resources. I avoided it until recently, but it’s such a great resource that I would highly recommend trying out the equivalent at your university. St Andrews folks! The Careers Centre are pretty great and you should go see them if you are worried about life after university. Plus, you might even get a free pen.

Right now, there seems to be plenty of targeted graduate programmes out there and many of them look pretty great. I’ve yet to find one directly in my preferred field, but I have found some really interesting ones. I didn’t realise just how many there were, until I started looking into all of the options open to me when this degree comes to an end next year but I’m putting it on the table as a maybe.

Even if its a little early, I’ve also been looking at job sites to work out what jobs are being advertised right now. It’s helping me work out what options there are in my fields, what kind of pay they’re going for and the locations they’re going to be based at. Plus, when it comes to looking for jobs after graduation, I’ll already know the sites to check out. There are plenty out there, many of which are specialised, like Spotlight Recruitment, or more general ones if you’re not sure what you are thinking about doing yet.

And if you still haven’t decided yet, don’t worry! I’m sure I’ve got a canny while of answering the dreaded ‘what next’ question with a healthy bout of nervous laughter and a dive into the chocolate aisle at Tesco on my way home.

Kelly x

P.S This post was in collaboration with Spotlight Recruitment but, as always, I would never share anything on This Northern Gal that I wouldn’t genuinely use. I’ve had a good stalk on their website and there are so many helpful tips and resources!

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  1. Great post- some really useful advice there! I agree with you on the graduate schemes, they’re in quite a limited range of careers, so for a lot of people the best option is to do an internship at a smaller company and work your way up.

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