Five on Friday: Coffee Shops in St Andrews

My Favourite Coffee Shops

Coffee St Andrews

St Andrews has a whole host of tea and coffee shops to choose from, which probably doesn’t help my caffeine addiction. Just in case anyone is looking for somewhere new to check out, I thought I would share some of my favourites. This was super hard to choose but since these are the recommendations I give most often, it only seemed fair to share them with you guys too. If I only did a mini-series called 27 on Friday, I could share all the coffee shops I love here in St Andrews.

Zest St Andrews

First up is Zest, which I have spoken about before. It’s the kind of coffee shop where they take a little longer to make it and you should savour it as a result. They also do great smoothies if you’re after something a little different. While you’re in there, chat to the staff about their coffee – you will be amazed by their knowledge and passion!

The Cottage Kitchen St Andrews

Cottage Kitchen is hardly a secret which means that getting a seat can be a challenge. I tend to brave the cold and sit outside but that’s not for the faint hearted! If you’d prefer to be cosy, get there early and settle in with coffee and a cake and a good book. They also do great breakfast, which I wrote about here.

Taste St Andrews

This is another busy one but the coffee at Taste is worth waiting for. It’s cash only, and they tend to have only one barista so it’s not the place to run to if you are in a rush. But, boy is it good. Recently, my family and I went super early, picked up cappucinos and croissants to go and I remembered just how much I love the coffee here! While you are there, don’t forget to look at all the eclectic decorations; there is some seriously interesting snippets on their notice boards.

Old Union Coffee Shop St Andrews

The Old Union Diner is probably my coffee shop of choice at the moment, since it’s on my way to the office. When I’m not popping in for a cup to go, I really like to sit in the back of this one and study for a while. It’s an old, old, building and in the back there is this arched room that feels like something from a history movie. Oh, and they just started doing London Fogs here, which is my non-coffee drink of choice when I’m out and about and fancy something a little different.

Cafe in the Square St Andrews

My last choice is one that I didn’t discover for the longest time but now I love the Cafe in the Square.  Tucked away by the town library, this is another place that is cash only but also seriously underrated. Pop into here for some seriously tasty soup and a coffee on a cold winter day and thank me later.

My Favourite Coffee Shops

Kelly x

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