Food For The Fearful // Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

bacon mushroom risotto recipe

Now How many months is that between Food for the Fearful instalments?! Maybe I’ll just make it a bi-annual feature. But as I said in the first post, I get very nervous cooking so sharing it with the world requires a very good cooking day.

Risotto is one of my go-to recipes, particularly when I have leftover veggies to get through. It looks impressive but is secretly pretty easy. It came up in conversation in York and I realised that I’m pretty comfortable with it. I’ve even taught my housemate to make it so it’s time to share it with you guys too.

The only thing that I will say is that it can be a little time-consuming so if you’re looking for something super speedy, I wouldn’t go for a Bacon and Mushroom Risotto.

bacon mushroom risotto

To make enough four people you need:


one pack of bacon lardons

one punnet of mushrooms

one onion

two cloves of garlic

350-400g of risotto rice ( I aim for 75-100g per person, depending on how hungry they are)

vegetable stock (just a cube and some hot water will do fine. Mine made 500ml with each cube and I used 2 and a half)

a little olive oil

bacon and mushroom risotto

1) To start you’re going to want to go ahead and dice  your onion. Finely chop garlic and throw them both into your frying pan with olive oil and bacon lardons. Soften them on a low heat.

2) While that’s cooking away, chop your mushrooms. I take off the stalks but if you want to bulk your risotto off, throw them in while  you’re at to it. Add your mushrooms to the pan. Make sure that they get coated in all the bacon flavoured goodness.

bacon mushroom risotto recipe

3) Add your rice and about half your stock. Stir vigorously. Make as much mess as you possibly can for bonus points. I bet your oven won’t get as messy as mine.

4) Every time all your stock gets absorbed, add another ladle worth. Or just a hearty splash if you’re feeling too lazy to get a ladle. Keep going until your risotto has thickened up and your rice has gotten nice and fluffy. You want to get rid of the bite in your rice. Basically it’s just an excuse to keep tasting it.

bacon mushroom risotto

If your risotto is feeling extra thirsty, just make up some more stock. I don’t usually measure it but just keep giving it as much as it needs. For some reason, the last batch I made needed a canny bit. As in 2 and a half to three portions of stock…

5) Serve with a big glass of wine and a  handful of chopped herbs on the top if you’re feeling fancy. I used mint but that was mainly to make it look pretty. You can make the call on that one.

bacon mushroom risotto recipe

Now doesn’t that look lush! It tastes amazing but is actually super simple to make. The trick is to keep stirring and adding stock.

The best bit about risotto? Lots of different combinations work. Whatever leftovers you’ve got can be added to the mix? Cooked off some chicken and don’t know what to do with it? Throw it in. Got a freezer full of peas but not much else? Stick em in a risotto!

Kelly x


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