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Sometimes a meal is so damn good that you just have to run home and blog about it. No? Just me?

Judge me all you will but I dare you to go for a meal at the Adamson and not want to personally hug the chef and have him prepare every meal you ever eat. I’ve been into the Adamson a couple of times (on official Stand business) but hadn’t quite managed to find the time or money to sit down for a delectable dish. I wholly admit that it is not the cheapest place to eat in St Andrews but it was worth every hard earned penny. Ok, they weren’t exactly my pennies but still! (Thanks Nana!)

We started with a good bottle of red, which is always a winner in my book anyway.

Adamson1After struggling to pinpoint exactly what we wanted to eat, our lovely waitress Adrienn helped us out, even allowing us to dip between menus. That was one thing we all noticed and loved; the staff at the Adamson went above and beyond to make you feel welcome and relaxed, something that is so often overlooked in restaurants. Call  me  a snob if you will but truly good service really makes a dining experience memorable (for the right reasons).

Mum and I split a superfood salad for a starter while my Nana had a fishcake in a leek sauce, which was absolutely gorgeous but was demolished so quickly that I  didn’t get a chance to snap a photo to tantalise your taste buds!Adamson salad

Adamson risottoI then tucked into a divine pea and mint risotto, which was topped with beautifully melty (yes thats a word) Brie and hazelnuts. As soon as I saw this on the menu, I had my heart, or rather stomach, set upon it and I was in no way disappointed. I almost managed to snag a bite of my mum’s smoked salmon ciabatta which was amazing but she was rather protective of it. The only way I managed to get to try any at all was to offer a trade of my dish, which I was rather reluctant to do… It was good ok! 

Since this was my foodie family out to eat, there was no way we were scrimping on pudding. After a slight mix up with the order, we even managed to score a free Sticky Toffee Pudding which nobody was complaining about. Mum’s choice was the Rhubarb sorbet, my nana’s the bakewell tart while I went for the delightfully creamy Creme Brulee…

Adamson sticky toffeeAdamson Creme BruleeAdamson Bakewell Tart

My photography skills don’t quite catch the divineness of these puds so you are just going to have to trust me!

There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant and it wasn’t so noisy that you couldn’t talk, which is a must when you are catching up with grandparents from across the seas! Adrienn and Adam, the manager were on hand to help us out (and inform us of some kitchen secrets) but they weren’t constantly barging over – a real pet hate of mine. I think we might have complimented the chef after every meal as well but they didn’t seem to mind passing on that message. I’ve written a few articles on Scott Davies since I came to university, particularly when he was in the Masterchef finals so it was such a pleasure to finally sample the food I have heard so much praise for.

It is not like we are an easy crowd to wow either. My nana is an ex restaurant owner and my mother a self professed foodie so to hear them practically singing with delight is an impressive feat. I mean c’mon, do these look like unsatisfied customers?!

Adamson nana

So all that is left to do is to say a massive thank you to everyone at the Adamson and a quick ‘see you soon’ because if there is one thing I can guarantee, it’s this: arnold

Yep, The Adamson is cheesy Schwarzenegger quote worthy.

Kelly x

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  1. My name is Ken Dalton a Director of the Adamson Scott, Julie ,Adrienne, Andy and the whole team are delighted you ,your Mum and Grandmother enjoyed your dining experience with us We look forward to welcoming you in the future
    In your blog you mentioned you had written other items on Scott Would it be possible to send them to us
    Best regards

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