THINGS TO EAT: Burrito Express

I love a good fancy-pants meal. The kind where you put your glad-rags on and worry about which fork should be used for what. But I also really, really like the kind of meal where you wear an elasticated waistband and hope you don’t end up with too much of your dinner on your face.

And that’s exactly what my dad and I were looking for when we headed to Burrito Express for dinner. It’s the perfect place for no fuss, tasty food AND they have plenty of napkins in case you make as much mess as I did.

Since we were the first customers in there for the night (our hunger made us into eager-beavers), we got to be good and nosy while they made our dinner. They were brilliantly helpful and chatty, recommending combinations and offering warnings about spice when we almost ordered the hot option, oblivious to just how much heat that would blast us with.

Burrito ExpressWhile they got our mains ready, we started with chips and guacamole and searched through the rest of the menu to see what else we’d like to try. You can eat in or takeaway so I imagine it’s a place that will see a lot of business from our family. My mum is already crazy about their churros.

Burrito ExpressWe stopped talking as soon as our delicious mains arrived. All my focus was on the beautiful pulled pork burrito in my hands that I eagerly devoured. It was gooooood, guys. It was really, really good. My dad had the  chilli beef fajita with hot sauce, which was incredible but a little too spicy for me.

It’s good food for good value and made by brilliantly friendly staff; what’s not to love?

Have you tried Burrito Express yet?

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