THINGS TO EAT: Celebrus, Darlington

The other day my family invited me out for Sunday lunch. Of course, I said yes in a heartbeat. I was entirely sure where we would be going but who can say no to Sunday lunch? Luckily, my Nana has excellent taste and she picked Celebrus, which is somewhere that I haven’t yet tried in Darlington.


DSCN8352As soon as I entered Celebrus, I could tell that this was a sophisticated place!  It was beautifully decorated and served an even better bottle of wine.  I was already sold.

And then we got started with the food.

I decided not to have a starter but happily tried everyone else’s, starting with Mum’s Sea Bream Ceviche.



Dad’s Mackerel Tar-Tare…


And, finally, Nana’s Lemon Chicken.


Thought the portions are small, they were seriously tasty and packed full of flavours.



Since it was Sunday, we all went for a roast dinner. The table was split half and half between those of us that chose Roast Beef and those that picked Roast Lamb but we all agreed that it was lovely. They came with a massive Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, and vegetables. Oh and they were more than willing to bring me extra gravy when I asked, so I was sold.

While I might have skipped on a starter, you can bet that I chose a dessert.

DSCN8368I went for the Elderflower fool which was absolutely gorgeous and very refreshing after such a rich main course. I also dipped my spoon into the other desserts on to the table but I have to say that they weren’t as good as mine (not that I am biased).

DSCN8365Still, Nana seemed to thoroughly enjoy her figs and honey custard, while Mum seemed to favour her PB and J Parfait.


A thumbs up all round for Celebrus from my family!

Kelly x



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