I seem to be a bit of a brunch person at the moment. I’m not complaining but it does mean that I have been sampling a few different options. I’ve also given up meat for January which means that there haven’t been any full englishes for me.

Most recently, a brunch was arranged with Sam and we had decided to meet at Clervaux.

I haven’t been to Clervaux since I moved back to the north east but I used to really like visiting it. You see, I am fully supportive of Clervaux’s mission. As part of a wider trust, they support young people and adults with learning and behaviour difficulties. So I get to have brunch and help a worthy cause. Double win.


While the breakfast menu is not the most varied, I really enjoyed the food that we chose. I had a seriously nice cappucino and some lush pancakes (without the bacon). They were liberally doused in syrup, which garnered no complaints from me. In fact, I was impressed with the portion sizes full stop. DSCN7332


Since Sam isn’t a veggie, she went for the sausage sarnie (her usual choice) and seemed mightily impressed with it. They also had the classic full english, bacon sarnie and eggs on toast, if that is more up your street.

In fact, after looking at the menu, I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m back for lunch or coffee and cake. Especially since it’s in the town centre and really affordable too.

Have you ever been to Clervaux? Do you have any brunch recommendations for me to try in Darlington?

Kelly x

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