THINGS TO EAT: Ed’s Diner.

ed's diner review

Raised on a diet of unrealistic rom-coms and sitcoms, I have an idealistic love of American style diners, which is probably why I dragged April into Ed’s Diner as soon as I spotted it.

ed's diner reviewWhile she checked the menu, I was in awe of the decor and couldn’t resist grabbing my camera to snap away, weird looks be damned. I was in teenage-dream-heaven. Eventually, I was pulled back into my seat and set about choosing from the very tempting menu. It wasn’t an easy choice let me tell you.

ed's diner review

We turned to our waitress for advice and, on her recommendation, ordered two burgers. I went for chicken, April settled on beef and blue cheese but we decided to share sides as we had been warned they were pretty hefty. I’m glad we did as the warning proved correct.

ed's diner review

Ed’s Diner gives you the chance to order just the burger, if you’re not feeling too hungry, which is a great idea in my books. I have had to be rolled from a restaurant from excessive burger-and-fries eating many a time in my life.

ed's dinerIf your stomach is rumbling (or you’re sharing like we were), you can also order your burger as a plate, which means that you also get thick-cut chips, onion rings and some seriously yummy coleslaw.

I’ll let you decide which option to go for but the burgers are quite filling so choose wisely!

After we left, I realised that this is a chain and, since I was so impressed by food, environment and staff, I’m going to be keeping my eyes peeled for another venue when I’m next out and about!

Have you ever been to an Ed’s Diner?

Kelly x

7 thoughts on “THINGS TO EAT: Ed’s Diner.

  1. I’m definitely a fan! There were just a couple in London originally but now they’re popping up all over! I think we have 2 up here? Metro Centre and Sunderland. Simon is especially a huge fan, he’s addicted to the milkshakes!

    Chloe x

  2. We love Ed’s (although our nearest one is Swindon, a bit of a trek). The other half loves jukeboxes (we have one in our living room) so munching a burger and playing tunes using the wallbox on the table is right up his street! :-) xx

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