THINGS TO EAT: El Cartel Casera Mexicana

review el cartel casera mexicana

My dad’s not much of a material person (or the things that he usually wants are waaaaay out of my price range) so I knew it would be better to do something with him on Father’s Day. The only problem was that I would be back in Scotland when the day fell. After a little scheming, my mum agreed to get my dad to Edinburgh, where I would meet him and we’d all go out for lunch.

review el cartel casera mexicananSuperhero Mum saved the day again when she sent this review my way and got my stomach all excited at the sound of those tacos.

review el cartel casera mexicanan
Before we delve into the delectable treats that graced our table, I should probably give you a disclaimer and slight spoiler. This food tastes even better than it looks and going through the photos has made my stomach rumble and my tongue to dance across my lips all over again.

Based on Mexican street food, El Cartel has a very relaxed food. There aren’t starters or mains; you just order the dishes you fancy and they come out as when they’re ready. We ordered three tacos and a selection of accompanying dishes.

Review El cartel casera mexicana

review el cartel casera mexicana

review el cartel casera mexicanaThat’s quasedillas, mexican slaw and salmon ceviche in the pictures if you couldn’t guess. It was my first time having ceviche and I have to admit that I was a little skeptical as I jabbed my fork in but oh my it was delicious! And surprisingly refreshingly. Most of the dishes were topped with lime and pomegranate which really lifted the food amazingly. Despite stuffing my face, I never felt that horrible heavy fullness that can accompany some meals.

Not pictured was the guacamole, which had my taste┬ábuds singing. I’ve made it my summer mission to make guacamole that is that good. I’ll keep you updated on that one ( if anyone knows how to make guacamole please let me know in the comments).

review el cartel casera mexicana

review el cartel casera mexicana

review el cartel casera mexicanaTaco wise, we went for Sweet Potato and Red Onion (Dad), Fish (Mum) and Carne Asada, a beautiful creation stuffed with flat iron steak, salsa and avocado. Though we technically each had separate dishes, the tacos were swapped around so much that we might as well have just ordered for the table. I love that kind of dining (there’s a reason Tapas is my favourite), but if you’re a bit of a Joey, you might need to make a fortress out of hot sauce bottles to protect your taco of choice.

After mopping up the mess we had made, we bid our goodbyes and promised to return soon before disappearing into the uncharacteristically warm Scottish sun. As we ambled through Edinburgh, with brief stops in comedy clubs and delis alike, we couldn’t help but return to just how good our lunch had been.

I have a feeling this one will be a family favourite.

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  1. Food looks delicious! I’m going camping in North Berwick end of the month so am close to Edinburgh. May check out this place of we fancy Mexican food. Thanks for review! :)

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