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Considering the amount of times I’ve walked past Jannettas, it’s surprising that I’ve only sat down to write this review now. Sure, I’ve popped in for the odd ice cream here and there but it’s one of the busiest places in St Andrews and I’m usually put off by the queues!

In fact, when we actually sat down in the old fashioned ice cream parlour, I was surprised by just how much was available on their menu. While the shop does countless tasty frozen concoctions, I was expecting the parlour to offer the standard ice creams and a sundae or two. Instead, we were greeted by a wide selection of treats, ice cream and otherwise.


The waffles caught my eye and I chose the ‘Crazy Oreo Cookie’. Cream, Oreo Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and crushed oreo biscuits on a super tasty waffle…it was divine. I’m a little ashamed to say that I couldn’t finish it however and I had to leave half of it at the end. This is definitely one to try sharing the next time I come back I think!

SundaeMy nana chose something a little more traditional and had a sundae, which also had plenty of oreos in it. She certainly seemed to be enjoying it!

(Since this visit, I’ve tried the St Andrews sundae at Janettas and it was SO good!)

SandwichSam truly took advantage of the varied menu with an open pork sandwich which looked and tasted delicious!

With so much on offer, I can see why it’s always so popular!




I have to say another major selling point for me is just how cute it is inside. It’s full of retro decor and if you look around you, you can find out loads more about the history of Janettas itself. It certainly made the wait for our food entertaining.

Kelly x

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  1. I love Jannettas! When I was at uni and took the trip across the Tay to visit St Andrews Jannettas and BiBis were the must visit places for me but I’ve never sat in, I’ve only ever grabbed a tub to take away so next time I’m visiting I think I may have to sit down, the waffle looks good!

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