Here we go! My last food post from St Andrews (for now). It feels slightly weird to be writing that, but this restaurant was too good not to share before I move my focus back to the north.
But enough with the preamble. Let’s chat about Kazuko, the new Japanese restaurant in St Andrews. Or new-ish, since it took me so long to visit it. Since it’s opening, I had heard nothing but good things but somehow we never actually made it until our last night in our house. We’d been clean all day ahead of handing over the keys the next day so we decided to treat ourselves to a good meal out.DSCN8716

DSCN8717Sam decided to go for the sushi, which I was reliably assured was really, really tasty. I tried some for myself and it was nice, but since it’s not something I ever eat we’ll really on Sam for the expert opinion.




I decided to try a couple of the smaller dishes instead. Boy oh boy were they good. I got the battered mushrooms and chicken gyoza, something that my old housemate used to make a lot. It had been so long since I had eaten some but they were every bit as tasty as I remembered. In fact, they were so good that we ordered a second portion for Sam and I to share when we had finished!DSCN8726We also decided to try the chicken katsu curry, which was so good. Trying to eat it with chopsticks however? Not so good. Though  probably entertaining for our waitress, who kindly gave us some spoons when she saw us struggling.

Though not the cheapest place to eat in town, it wasn’t unreasonable, especially since the food tasted SO good. It’s just a shame that we won’t get the chance to try any more of the menu. If we hadn’t moved out already, I’m sure we would be spending quite a lot of time in Kazuko! I guess you’ll have to try it for us…

Kelly x

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