THINGS TO EAT: Mariachi, Edinburgh


You know I love Mexican food. I absolutely love it. But finding Mexican food that’s fresh and filling? That’s a challenge. Don’t worry though: I’ve found one for you all.

If you’re in Old Town Edinburgh and want fresh, tasty Mexican food, check out Mariachi. This family run business has been in operation for about a decade and they’ve used that time to garner some expertise. The result? A friendly atmosphere and a focus on good food.

It’s also the kind of place where your best bet is to order lots of smaller dishes and try as much as possible, which is exactly what we did!


First up was chips and guac. Let me tell you, this guacamole was gooood. So fresh and packed with flavour. This was simply too good to leave any behind!


I can also highly recommend the quaesidillas. These were the chorizo and cheese option but the spinach and goats cheese got high praise from others in our group.


The real highlight for me though were these fish tacos. I love fish tacos and these were a win for me. They were so fresh and flavourful that I could have eaten quite a few more of these!


And finally, I had to mention this chimichanga which got a lot of praise from my friend. I didn’t try it myself but it  certainly looked good.

I think this might be a new favourite spot when I’m in the city!

Kelly x

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