THINGS TO EAT: Saltfish, Darlington


Sometimes, you just don’t feeling like cooking. You want something easy and tasty and you definitely don’t want to do the dishes after. When that happens, you make a few phone calls and finally get a chance to try out the  (not-so) new restaurant in town: Saltfish.

There’s been a lot of talk about Saltfish at the moment and the consensus seems to be that you get the best deal and dishes on the set menu so we tried the Sunday menu. If you’re a bit more traditional, you can get the usual Sunday lunches at Saltfish but, since it is a seafood, we decided to try something a bit more fish-y.


I was with my nana who fancied something smaller so she decided to try the smoked mackerel pate, dill pickles and sourdough. She absolutely loved it and said it was packed full of flavour. She also said that it was really rather filling. I did try a little of the pate and I have to say it was seriously tasty!

277850682_1239950419744774_8028262856996346339_nThe star of the menu for me though was the roast cod loin with chorizo so I ordered that. It was divine. Packed full of flavour and seriously fresh, this isn’t a meal that I am going to forget in a hurry. I kept rabbiting on about it to my family but for good reason: this was beyond tasty and I’m so glad that I ordered it. Every ingredient was fresh and well balanced within the meal.


Afterwards, we bothered ordered the same dessert: the Saltfish sundae. Packed full of ice cream, honeycomb, cream and brownie, this was a seriously decadent dish. Both my nana and I have a sweet tooth so you can bet that we devoured these.

Pair such a lovely meal with brilliantly helpful staff and a lovely looking restaurant and you can bet that I’ll be back in to Saltfish soon. I’ve got more of a menu to try!

Kelly x

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