THINGS TO EAT: Tapas Revolution, Newcastle



If you didn’t already know, I love tapas. It’s probably my favourite kind of thing. I think it might have something to do with how indecisive I am when it comes to ordering food. At least with tapas, you get to try a couple of different things!


As such it was quite a relief that Sarah likes tapas too and okayed my suggestion for lunch during a day trip to Newcastle. We had been down to the quayside, done some sightseeing and we were feeling hungry. Finding ourselves by the monument, we decided to head into the shopping centre to find a bite to eat. I had been for breakfast at Tapas Revolution before so knew that the menu sounded appetising  – I just needed an excuse to try it!


First up was the Sangria. This was SO tasty. If you ever find yourself near Tapas Revolution, you need to call in just to try it! It was just the right amount of fruity to make a really refreshing drink. DSCN9595




Moving on to the food. We ordered five dishes between us and just shared. We chose some croquettes, spicy beef skewers, manchego cheese and, of course, patatas bravas. All of it was packed full of flavour and seriously tasty.

Now, you may have noticed that that is only four dishes; we also ordered some chorizo that we ended up cancelling. Since tapas dishes come out as they are ready, it didn’t come straight away. In fact we had already finished the other dishes and were rather full before we saw it so we asked the staff to cancel it from our order. It was a little disappointing that it didn’t arrive in time but the other food was so delicious, and the staff so apologetic, that it didn’t tarnish the experience.

I was so impressed with the staff at Tapas Revolution actually – nothing was too much trouble for them and they were super friendly. It really helped make the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable.

After paying up, we decided to continue to explore Newcastle and do some shopping. The restaurant was so centrally placed that it was ideal! In fact, it’s perfect for refuelling after a busy cay in the centre and I’m sure I will be calling in again on another visit to the city.

Kelly x

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