THINGS TO EAT: The Birdcage

the birdcage malmesbury

Over Winter Break, my momma, my nana and I headed down South to catch up with the family we have in Wiltshire. We spent a few days dashing around town and sharing stories with all the people we love, but don’t always get to see.

In amongst cups of tea and family visits, we took a moment to go for a quiet meal with just the three of us and catch our breath.

the bird cage malmesburyAfter walking past it several times, there was only one place I wanted to go: The Birdcage.

The Birdcage is a Pizzeria and Deli in Malmesbury that came with more than one recommendation from the locals. We’d also been encouraged to check it out for the artwork which cover the walls, adding a lovely vibrancy to the place.

the birdcage malmesbury

The entire restaurant is covered in art so I took the opportunity to snap away while we waited for our food. It may have warranted a few weird looks from staff and customers alike but it was definitely worth it (Can I get a #bloggerproblems ?!)

the bird cage malmesbury

I quickly settled back into my seat when the food arrived smelling absolutely beautiful. I had chosen the pasta dish and almost regretted it upon seeing the size of my mum’s pizza (which she scoffed before I could snap). One bite of the beautifully cheesy pasts and all thoughts of the food my family were eating was out of my mind.

the birdcage malmesburyIt was delicious and just the right size that I was satisfied but not uncomfortably full, which can happen after big pasta dishes.

I would definitely order it again but have a little while to wait before I’m back in the right county to pay a visit!

Have you ever visited the Birdcage?

Kelly x

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  1. This looks like my sort of place – food all looks homemade too. I can totally relate to your blogger problem. I am a naturally shy person and hate taking photographs in public as wonder what people will think – I am getting braver though! #NEBrilliantBloggers

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