THINGS TO EAT: The Doll’s House







DSCN7277After our Galentine’s celebrations, Sam, Hildy and I decided to go and explore our little seaside town. Hildy has visited before but we’ve never really have much time to show off St Andrews and natter. We talk a walk along the beach and to Toppings before realising just how hungry we were, even after eating brownie for breakfast.

You may remember that I visited The Doll’s House with my parents last year. I haven’t been back since then but have found myself looking longingly at the menu every time I walked past. This time was a little more challenging however as Sam and I have given up meat for lent and we just wanted a light bite. Luckily, The Doll’s House fit the bill. Sam and Hildy went for the vegetarian burger and from their appreciative sounds, I think they liked. I went for the mozzerella and tomato baguette that was delish. A bit of a safe bet perhaps but some things are classic for a reason.

The only complaint was that it was a little slow and, even if the staff were super friendly, we got a little hangry. As long as you know that it’s going to happen (and don’t let yourself get too hungry before you grab a seat), it’s worth swinging by.

Have you tried The Doll’s House?

Kelly x

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