THINGS TO EAT: The Wandering Duck


Now that I’m back in Darlington, there are so many foodie places that I want to try. I’ve been to The Wandering Duck for a drink and snacks before but never for some proper food. When the chance to go to lunch with Brian cropped up, I jumped at the chance to pick the place.



The lunch menu is quite small but packed full of tasty food. While I was waiting for Brian, I was watching amazing dishes come out to the tables around me. Thick-cut bread was stuffed full of yummy fillings, all served with a side of crisps and coleslaw. It looked amazing. And yet, we still ended up ordering something else! As soon as I saw the halloumi and chilli jam flatbread, I had decided what I was having. It was a very, very good choice. In fact, I would have it again in a heartbeat on my next visit. Brian chose the cream cheese and salmon bagel.



Unfortunately, there was a little wait for our food but the staff were courteous and apologetic so we didn’t really mind. Instead, we did what anyone would do and decide to order cocktails to tide us over. I had the Rule Britannia, which was a gin, prosecco and elderflower mixture.


It was blooming lovely.

And made the waiting a little easier.

Even with the delay, I really enjoyed my lunch at The Wandering Duck and would definitely come back again. It was good food, great service and not too expensive either! I’m glad it’s on my doorstep again.


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