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Recently, I was invited to Copthorne Hotel in Newcastle for a fun day of cupcake decorating and afternoon tea with my fellow North East Bloggers. Never one down to turn down the offer of cake, I hopped on the train to my favourite city and wandered around until I met up with Amy, who was showing us newbies the way.

Toast of the Town Copthorne Hotel

The hotel was down on the quayside, though in a bit I was unfamiliar with so I am so glad that I saw her tweet and decided to meet up with the group beforehand. It also gave me the chance to chat to some of the lovely women that I would be spending the next few hours with. No matter how many times you do it, attending events by yourself is still scary so it was a relief to kind of know someone by the time it came to finding seats. I was next to the lovely Lucy, who has recently moved back to the North East after a stint in Scotland so we had plenty to natter about.

toast of the town copthorne hotel

After being welcomed with nibbles and Prosecco, we got started with the cupcake decorating. I’m not the best at things like this but the ladies from Julie’s Cake House set me at ease quickly and stayed close by in case I messed up. With their support and plenty of whispered questions to the ladies next to me, I managed to decorate four cakes to take home with me.

Toast of the town copthorne hotel

toast of the town copthorne hotelThese two were my favourite. They were fairly easy to make and looked pretty darn cute too! After that, we moved on to two slightly more difficult decisions which really tested my construction techniques. What do you think of my efforts?

toast of the town copthorne hotel

DSCN5142It certainly required a lot of concentration but I can’t deny that it was fun!

Once we had made a mess and four cupcakes, we treated to a tour of the hotel. They’re currently redecorating everything inside the walls, which means that a lot of the rooms are looking new and swanky. The major selling point had to be the views in the rooms!

Copthorne HotelEvery single one of the bedrooms in the hotel face the river, meaning that wherever you end up resting your head, you end up with a truly Instagram worthy view!

toast of the town copthorne hotel

While we were being wowed by the hotel’s facilities, the staff had been busy preparing our afternoon tea. We returned to our seats to be greeted with one hell of a spread. I merrily tucked in but was especially impressed by the sandwiches. Usually, its my sweet tooth that dominates but I couldn’t stay away from the cheese sandwiches. I ate more of those than I would like to admit…

toast of the town copthorne hotel

I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m back for another round of afternoon tea!

Copthorne Hotel Newcastle

If you want to hear what the hotel had to say about the afternoon, check this out.

copthorne hotel newcastle

What a lovely afternoon!

Kelly x



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