Life After Uni: Kristin’s story

Life after uni Kristin


Today, I’m handing the reins over to Kristin. She’s going to tell you a little bit of her story and how she found her way to her current career….


Life after uni Kristin

My journey to find my career begins back in 2011.  I graduated high school in the top 10% of my class, and then packed my bags and headed east.  I attended a public university in my state that is situated a short, but beautiful 10-minute drive from one of my state’s most beautiful beaches. It was a phenomenal 4-year experience that I wouldn’t change for the world.  As I was applying to colleges and considering what I wanted to study, my parents always encouraged me to pick something I love. Even if it wasn’t cool or it wasn’t going to make me millions… “Follow your heart,” they said. And that’s exactly what I did.

I ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and a minor in Psychology. I had completed an amazing internship with our local District Attorney’s Office and earned an honors distinction in my program. I didn’t have a job in my beloved beach town after getting my diploma and went through a rough relationship breakup, so I moved back home with my parents (kicking and screaming of course – who wants to move away from the beach?!).  I picked up a part time job working at a tutoring center for kids in primary school and knew that I wanted something else. So I made a typical Kristin move — I panicked and made a rash decision.

I applied to our community college’s Paralegal program to continue my studies of our legal system.  I just graduated in December 2016, and am now working full time at a law firm that continues to teach me each day.  It’s a quality that I think a lot of people don’t look for in a job.  This isn’t just a place where I go to clock in each day to earn a pay check.  I’m learning more and more, building my resume, networking, and helping people.  It’s a part of my career.  I’m no longer working at a place where I feel like I could just be replaced without batting an eye.

In addition to my daytime job at the firm, I’m also a blogger.  It’s more of a passion and hobby than a job, but it’s something that I want to stick with for a long time.  It’s my side hustle.  I make a few bucks each month, but really my favorite part is putting together posts and taking photos. I love the feedback I get on posts and all the connections I have made with other bloggers like myself.  It’s really encouraging and brings me a sense of joy.  

I know I’m very young and still very early in my career, but I love where I’m at with my life right now.  I’m also very lucky that I’ve found two different things that I’m passionate about already, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.


Thanks Kristin! If you want to hear more from her, you can find her blog here:
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