12 Days of Christmas: The Poster Parlour

Can you believe it is the 6th of December already? I certainly can’t but I am very excited about the sixth day in this series. Today, I’m sitting down with Jonny from The Poster Parlour. The Poster Parlour sells amazing northern artwork, including this amazing South Park poster* which they kindly gifted me. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it!
Hello and welcome to This Northern Gal! Would you like to introduce yourself?
 Hi I’m Jonny, I am an artist and I run a little business called The Poster Parlour.
So you run the Poster Parlour – can you summarise your business for us in ten words or less please?
I create new vintage-inspired travel prints inspired by the posters of the past.
They’re certainly beautiful posters! What’s your favourite product that you stock?
 The ‘Monte Darlo’ poster is definitely my favourite, it’s a bit of fun and I think people love the tongue in cheek nature of it!
I’m not surprised; it is wonderful! What do you enjoy the most about the design process?
The end design is rarely what I had planned. The happy little accidents (copyright Bob Ross) along the way are the interesting bits.
Writing is sometimes like that too! It certainly makes the process more interesting. Describe your perfect Christmas in just three words.
Booze, cheese, booze.
A winning combo. What’s your favourite thing about running a business in Darlington?
There is a great local community in Darlington, full of lots of friendly independent traders who are always supporting each other.
The small business community in town certainly is amazing. What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
Just the freedom to get out and about and explore the North next year!
Oh how I miss that! I can’t wait to explore next year too. What’s next for the Poster Parlour in 2021.
I want to expand the range further to include some new locations further afield and focus more on accessories such as creating new pin badges and tote bags!
That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see what you choose to do next!
If you want to check out The Poster Parlour for yourself, you can find them here.
Kelly x

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