A Dorkface Haul

I’ve hardly been quiet about my love for Jemma from Dorkface. She has a wonderful blog and an even better Etsy shop. I’ve used her art prints to jazz up my home for ages, including when I was in rented accomodation at university.

So when it came to mixing up some of the artwork that I have in my room, I knew where my first port of call would be. I headed over to the Dorkface shop on Etsy to pick up a couple of pieces. Obviously, I ended up making an order with a few more things than I intended but when you see what I got, I think you’ll understand why.

First up is this gorgeous pink print. This was the main thing that I intended to buy when I headed over to Etsy. It is simply stunning and now has pride of place over my desk. As some of you may know, my room is decorated in pink, white and grey so this goes wonderfully.

DSCN7866When I got to the site, I spotted these wonderful bookmarks and immediately added them to  my basket. These were super affordable and since I’m currently using a train ticket as a bookmark, it seemed like a wise investment.

As part of a promotion that was being run on the site, I also got this ‘watch me grow’ print for free. It is lush – now I just need to find somewhere to put this!

Finally, I also picked up some more planner stickers. I’ve had a lot of stickers from Jemma in the past and I find them really helpful for keeping organised. Plus, they make my planner look seriously cute so that’s a major plus.

Look how good it all looks! I honestly cannot recommend Jemma’s shop enough. If you fancy picking up something for yourself, you can find her etsy here.

Happy shopping!

Kelly x

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