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Happy international women’s day! I’m spending today at work, wishing one of the most bad-ass ladies I know a happy birthday and then doing some reading of my favourite literary ladies, but I didn’t want the occasion to go completely untouched on here. So, I thought I would move this Friday’s post forward and dedicate it to the women who inspire me online. They’re bloggers, vloggers and online extraordinaires who do what they can to make their corner of the internet a wonderful, welcoming place. Some of them are people I have met, but not all of them are.


  • Jodie from A la Jode – My very own blogging mentor, so to speak. Jodie was one of the first blogging friends that I met and has been giving me the best advice on all things online for years now. She is kind, giving and super knowledgeable. I don’t see her very often at all (especially now that she has become a digital nomad – how awesome is that?!) but every time I do, I’m floored by her warmth.
  • Steph from A Little but a Lot – Where do I even start with Steph? She is one of the most welcoming people I have ever met; when I was getting a little nervous about moving back to the north, she reminded me of why I love it so much. Since then, she has introduced me to the Northern Book Bloggers and made me realise how amazing the blogging community is here in the north. I really did miss it and I am so glad that she helped me back into it. We’re on similar career paths which also means that whenever I have a question, however silly it might seem, she is there with answers and support. I can’t thank her enough for that.
  • Jemma from Dorkface – Whenever I see any of Jemma’s content, I instantly start smiling. She brightens up any feed and is so supportive. She is also a crazy talented artist (she designed my blog header and profiles, if you didn’t already know) who deserves way more recognition for that. She is the kind of blogger who makes you feel like you’re catching up with a cuppa.
  • Helen from The Anderz Approach - Helen is very much my opposite: she’s bold, and spontaneous and wears more colour in one outfit than I have in my entire wardrobe. And I love her for it. Helen is so unapologetically who she is that it is infectious. She makes you want to be the best, most authentic version of yourself and that is something that I find incredibly inspiring. I’m probably not going to dye my hair purple, but I can still try to live a life that makes me smile as much as she does.
  • Jen from Jen Campbell - Jen is like that student that you meet at university. She’s a year or so older than you, but more than welcome to share her wisdom with you. She’ll tell you the best routes across campus, the books that will help you boost your grades and she’s always willing to listen. Jen is an author, youtuber and all-round word-lover. What I really admire about her is how eloquently she can express her opinion and then engage in healthy, yet challenging discussions about it. I always come away from her content feeling like she has pushed me to think, do and be a little bit more, in the best possible way.

There are countless other women who could have made this list but these five are all women who help me push myself a little further from my comfort zone in a brilliantly supportive way, whether or not I have actually met them IRL. They’re all very worthy of celebration so I raise my cup of tea to them all.

Which bloggers inspire you?

Kelly x


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  1. You are the absolute best. Thank you so much. I’m so glad we’re friends, and I will continue to answer any questions you have. Thank you for having me on this list, it means the world. <3 xx

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