French Quarter for Your Thoughts.


ColoristiqGuys, it has happened.

Coloristiq has launched and you can now order your monthly nail varnishes. The premise is very simple: you pick your shades, ‘rent’ them for the month and return them. All of the excitement without having to fork out for full bottles.

For those of you who are scratching your heads in confusion, take a little look at this post on my Coloristiq announcement. It should clear everything up.

I’ve been watching my emails (and letterbox) in unbridled excitement as I’ve waited for the news. But, finally, as the sky turned grey and the leaves brown, there was a knock at the door and I received my first Coloristiq package*. Inside were three beautiful shades that I struggled to choose from.

Coloristiq1Considering the fact that St Andrews is looking a little miserable right now and our house is gearing up for Halloween, I settled for this delicious grey shade ‘French Quarter for Your Thoughts’.


After just two coats, it revealed this lovely neutral shade that I’m sure to be rocking for the next few days at least (unless I’m my usual clumsy self and manage to chip it all within 24 hours).

If you fancy ordering from Coloristiq, head over to their website now! And, as a little bonus, you can get your first month free as a reader of my blog. Simply place your order and then email the lovely folks at with the code Northern1 and they will refund you first month.

Don’t say I don’t know how to treat you guys!

Kelly x


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