July 2014

july 2014

july 2014

I feel like I have struggled to keep up with blogging this month. Not because I’m any less in love with it (hell, I just wrote a post about why people should blog) but because there hasn’t been that much going on in my life that has been worth writing about. Most of my time has been spent at work and there’s only so much I can say about curling ribbon and patatas bravas before I start to bore myself, let alone you lovely lot.

But I’m looking in to some day trips/ mini-breaks for August and the cards are lining up for some very exciting opportunities that I can’t quite spill yet but are serving as a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel…

Eating: Tapas. So. Much. Tapas. Serving it several times a week meant I have been craving it big-time and I finally got to have some for myself during a girls night out and believe me, it was gooood.

Loving: Spending time with friends before they head off on envy-inducing adventures.

Making:  Raspberry and white chocolate muffins, lemon drizzle cake, goujons, bruschetta…I’ve been trying to learn to cook this summer and it’s been ummm interesting. But my dad said the lemon drizzle was the best thing I’ve ever made (which I have decided to take as a compliment. There is no need for that scepticism). 

Wearing: Summer dresses and flipflops. I’m not okay with this heat thing that England has finally decided to throw at us. You’re a little late to the party and I was perfectly happy with this mild and moderate thing we had going on every other year.

Reading: A little bit of everything. Most recently, that has included Lucretius, Chaucer, John Green, and I am trying to read 12 Years a Slave right now. 

Craving: Some R&R

Watching: All the sci-fi shows Netflix can offer. What can I say, they are my kryptonite 

Looking Forward To: Finally getting to see all my St Andrews lovelies in a little over a month in my own house (I can’t quite believe it either)

Enjoying: Girls nights. They really do fix everything.

How did  July treat you?x

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