Links I’ve Been Loving #2

link share

link share

There have been some really great posts on the old interweb recently and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you! I’ve been a little under the weather and being able to curl up in my bed with some brilliant blog posts at the end of a long day has really helped to keep a smile on my face. Let me know if you like them or if there are any posts you’ve loved and have been dying to share too.

  • Confused by SEO? Me too which is why I have found this post by Dippy Writes so helpful!
  • I’m all for a little online positivity and Cat really put a smile on my face with her post on why she would follow your blog.
  • This post on Media Marmalade has really helped me work on my mission to be a little more mindful this year. I may not have a morning commute but I can’t wait to try out some of her ideas.
  • I’m definitely guilty of folding my book corners  (and writing on them…) so loved this feature by Blogger’s Bookshelf.
  • Charlotte’s Workspace tour has got me itching to rearrange and redecorate some of my own spaces – I love that light-up letter!
  • Kloe’s post on her favourite fictional couples was so much fun.

What links have you been loving recently?

Kelly x

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