August 2018

To be cliched for a minute, can we talk about the fact that it is the end of August already? Before we know it, Autumn will be upon us. Not that I’m complaining. We all know that I love candles and blankets and halloween and hot chocolate and giant scarves. It’s just hard to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve got through eight months of the year.

This is all the more apparent to me because I have had most of August off, ahead of starting my new job at the beginning of September. I’ve spent the month trying desperately to wrap up lots of little jobs that got pushed aside in July and that I won’t have time to deal with in September. I’ve also been trying to make the most of having some time off because I don’t think I will have much of it as I settle into a new role and new work environment. It is already shaping up to be a pretty hectic month both personally and professionally  so I need to take the R&R time while I have it!

As a result, August has been packed full of some lovely things. I’ve been to London and St Andrews. I’ve had little day trips around my local area. I’ve attended a baby shower and a wedding. I’ve seen my friends and spent time with my family.

I’m holding on to those moments when I see how long my to do list is getting.

One of the things that I’ve been working hard on is editing some of my writing. As some of you know, I do enjoy a good dabble with creative writing. This year has seen me working on two novels, one of which I’m co-writing. Both of these projects have first drafts (read my thoughts about that here, if you so fancy) and I’ve steadily been working on whipping them into shape over the last few months. One of them needed considerable work and I’m SO close to finishing a second draft. I’m hoping to wrap that up before my new job begins but that is becoming more and more unlikely with each day that passes by. Still, I’m very proud of how much I have been able to do, especially since I’ve edited 85k words in just shy of a month! I’m not entirely sure how that happened but it’s been a relief that it hasn’t taken too long.

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of posts since I haven’t done my St Andrews one yet but I promise it’s coming. I won’t talk too much about them here but you should know that I’m excited to put them together.

Which brings me on to my favourite posts of the month! Are you ready?

Kelly x


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