February 2016


This month has been intense and challenging and frustrating and all those other euphemisms for hard work. I’ve had two major deadlines for my classes, new ambassador projects to launch and, to top it all off, my health has meant I’ve had to be on the go-slow. Nothing serious before you worry but enough to mean that I have had to rest up more than has been ideal. I had a mole taken out of the crook of my elbow and stitches  while it’s been healing up. Unfortunately, these stitches are on my dominant arm and have stopped me from being able to lift more than a cup of tea. Then, they went and got infected.  Basically, you never really realise how much you use an arm until you’re under doctor’s orders not to.

Two 2500 word essays and said stitches are also not a fun mix.

But, before I turn into too much of a negative nelly, this month has also been kind of great. Having to slow down, though frustrating at times, has meant I’ve been able to appreciate the little things. I’ve realised just how many people love me and are willing to help me if I just remembered to ask. From my mum driving five hours to come and look after me for a couple of days to my housemates washing my hair and doing my fair share of the chores, I am so grateful that I have such supportive people in my life.

We’ve also been getting some beautiful blue skies in St Andrews that have helped put a smile on my face and we found a gorgeous new section of the beach on some recent adventures. This is a pretty nice place to get to rest up in.

Plus, being ill is the perfect excuse for some retail therapy right?

How did February treat you?

Kelly x

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