July 2018

July 2018

July 2018

This might well be a very short post. As some of you may well be aware, I have spent most of July away with work. It’s been a month of to-do lists, meetings and long, long days. While the blog has still been running, I pre-scheduled all of the content because I knew that I wouldn’t have a chance to even think about This Northern Gal!

It actually feels a little strange to be sitting down and typing for you guys again but I have to admit I missed it. Just be kind to me while I get back into it.

I’ve not only been too busy to blog but to do much more than go to my course, eat and sleep. It was a slow month on the fun sideĀ  – I only read four books all month – but it was worth it. I learnt a lot on my course, and got some really lovely praise when I found out that I had passed it. I don’t mind having to sacrifice some of the other stuff for that!

With it being too busy for the ‘lifestyle’ side, I don’t have much to report for July. I also can’t tell you much about what I got up to so it’s a bit of a blogger fail.

I can however hope that I get to concentrate on my blog, writing and reading in August. You should be hearing a lot more from me both on here and social media over the next few weeks now that I am finally at home and have slept for a reasonable amount.

That means that all that is left to do is round up my favourite posts of the month. This month, I’m dedicating them to the wonderful guest posts that have featured on This Northern Gal this month. There is no way I could have kept the blog running and got on with the course for the day job without them:

Thanks for hanging around while I had to prioritise non-blog things for a while!

Kelly x

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