June 2017



June. How on earth do I start to talk about June?

June was the last month I could call myself a student at the University of St Andrews. On the 22nd, I graduated with a degree in Classical Studies and English. On the 24th, I said goodbye to my friends at grad ball. Today, I leave the house I’ve called home for the last three years.

As you can imagine, it’s been an emotional month.

But, it’s also been a good one. Bittersweet perhaps, but I am excited about what comes next. This is a chapter that I’ve felt drawing to a natural close over the last couple of months. St Andrews has wormed its way deep into my heart and I’m really going to miss it but it’s also time for the next adventure. Something new. Exciting.

Next month, I move back to the north east. You have no idea how keen I am to be back on my home turf. I want to explore the area again and fall in love with it once more. I’m ready to.

So June has been a luxurious month in a way, a long farewell to the tiny seaside town that caught my eye all those years ago. I’ve been eating at and reviewing some of the main attractions here. I’ve been taking the time to visit all my favourite spots. I’ve been in and out of Toppings (the best bookshop ever) and reading like a maniac as a result.

June wasn’t an easy month, but it sure was a good one.

I hope it treated you just as kindly.

Kelly x

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