March 2018



Well that was a brilliant month. March felt like it was going to be a long one at the start, and there were definitely some less than stellar moments but overall it was great.

I’ve done some great reading, finally kept going with some writing and have plenty of notes for upcoming stuff for the blog. My reading did slow down this month (thanks work) but I enjoyed everything that I read so I’m not exactly mad about it. It does seem that my TBR has gotten a little out of control again so I’m putting myself on a mini ban again. This time, I won’t be avoiding book buying for three and a bit months. It will just be until my birthday, which is towards the end of April.

It was also the Northern YA Literary Festival this month which was SO good. I’ve written a whole post about it so if you want to read my excessive fangirling, you can find that post here.

March was also the month that This Northern Gal turned four. I almost forgot about it if I am perfectly honest, but it was good to look back and see how far this little corner of the internet has come. I wrote a whole post about where the blog has come from and where I see it going, which I’ve linked below if you are curious.

Now on to my favourite posts of the month:

Here’s to hoping that April, my birth-month, is every bit as good as March! I have the first two weeks of the month off from work so it should be!

Kelly x

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