May 2017

may 2017

may 2017

Where do I start with May?

I wrapped up projects at work, sat my final exams and had my last shift volunteering at MUSA. I had my final days in the office and began to get ready for the mania of summer school season in June. I said goodbye to friends, new and old. I got soaked in true St Andrews style after my last exam.

I also began making plans for the summer and the big move back to the north east. I started creative writing again and fell in love with reading for fun after spending so much time on class lists. I started taking the time to explore my town on the east coast of Fife all over again. I started to organise my room at home and pack up my room here in Scotland, a place I also call home.

It was a confusing month of change and transition. Of closed chapters and new beginnings. Of goodbyes and see you soons.

But it was a good one, I think. I shared my experiences with afternoon tea in Dundee. I finally nailed Instant Pot Risotto. I read ACOWAR after a long wait. Sam shared his stories about Life After Uni and I finally addressed my coffee drinking habits. Ice Cream for Breakfast gave me the kick I needed to put a little more life into the way I was living.

Away from This Northern Gal, I ate good food with old friends. I laughed and reminisced. I nearly cried, just a little bit, at some unexpected kindness. I grew mad at the world, then inspired by the goodness it showed in the wake of tragedy. I frowned. I smiled. I blinked, and May, with all its ups and downs, was drawing to an end.

Kelly x

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