Ya know how I’m getting old and having to do all that responsible stuff like setting up bank accounts and moving in to new houses and even paying taxes? Well I’ve found the part of growing up I like: going out for lunch on days off and impromptu prosecco nights.

DSCN1621Apart from that glass of goodness right there and the fact that I went back to my own house at the end (I had to work the next day) , Sam and I had a good old fashioned sleepover after our appointment with the bank. Because all this responsibility is really stressful and is eased humongously by popping into Sainsbury’s for a bottle of fizz and ice cream on your way home.

There was chocolate, makeovers and of course, a catch up and gossip session.

DSCN1600In a fit of genius, I picked up these Kiss gel nails* before I left the house so Sam and I could try them out. I was sent these to review a week or so ago but a trip down south to say goodbye to my great grandfather and a full work schedule meant they had been left unopened for a little while.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the design as it wasn’t very ‘me’ but was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them when they were on and by how simple they were to use, even for idiots like us.

Kiss nails

All you do is peel them off the plastic, smooth them over your nails and file off the excess.

Kiss nails


If you’re feeling really fancy, you can seal it with a top coat for a little extra hold. According to the packet it is meant to last for up to two weeks but I wasn’t quite patient enough to test that out I’m afraid. Since one nail just wouldn’t stay on after a weekend in work and the countryside, I took the others off. They sure looked pretty before then though.

Kiss nails

I think it might have been our ineptitude that led to this as it doesn’t really make sense for just one nail to have issues. I also think that Sam’s might have lasted for a little longer. If you fancy having a go yourself, I have been reliably informed that you can pick them up for just £5.99 in Superdrug and there is a whole host of designs to choose from. Personally, I think I might have to try out the floral ones next…

Kiss nails

After sorting out our nails and opening a new bottle, I lent Sam my face so she could have a little play around with some of the new makeup that she had bought while in town that day. She has a real knack for making even the likes of me look half decent so I was more than eager to let her work her magic.


Luckily for you guys, I have almost convinced her to come share some of secrets and go-to looks on the blog for us all.

What do you think? Do you want to see some more of her makeup magic? Or even just some more of her beautiful face?


Kelly x

*Even though I was sent these nail strips to review,all opinions are 110% my own, as always.

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