Blo Out & Refresh Comes to Town

Blo Out & Refresh Dundee

Blo Out & Refresh DundeeAfter a long day of classes on Thursday, I hopped on the bus to Dundee for a very exciting adventure. I had been invited to attend the launch of the new Blo Out & Refresh Bar in the city and it was an event I definitely didn’t want to miss!

Blo Out & Refresh Dundee

I arrived a little early because I was super worried about getting lost (my sense of direction isn’t great and I barely know Dundee) but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave me a chance to snoop around the venue and get the juicy details on the treatments that will be going on under its roof.

Blo Out & Refresh DundeeBlo Out & Refresh DundeeThe treatment rooms are beautifully decorated and delightfully spacious. They seem like the perfect place to relax and give your body some TLC.

Blo Out & Refresh DundeeBlo Out & Refresh Dundee

As well as getting your hair and nails seen to, the salon will be offering a vast number of treatments including skin consultations, micro-needling and semi-permanent makeup to name but a few! I really was blown away by the sheer number and quality of the services Blo Out & Refresh are offering. A few hours in there and you really would leave a new woman…

The best part is that they’ve made a real effort to keep the prices down so that even a student budget can accommodate a beauty treat or two!


Blo Out & Refresh Dundee

After speaking to the brilliantly helpful and friendly staff about the work they would be doing, I moved onto the champagne and cupcakes while we waited for the celebrity guest to arrive.  Soon enough the car pulled up and famous feet made their way across the red carpet to join us in celebrating the new business.

Blo Out & Refresh DundeeOf course as soon as Mario from TOWIE arrived, the selfies started and I was impressed with the TV star’s ability to smile for so many photos in one go!

Blo Out & Refresh Dundee

After a quick chat with the guy, I couldn’t resist grabbing one for myself but curiosity soon got the better of me and I headed over to one of the treatment rooms to watch the skin consultations. I was too distracted to take any photos (I’m sorry!) but the consultant was using a machine to photograph the client’s skin and check for any problem areas so that their skincare could be adapted accordingly. I didn’t have time to stop for one myself unfortunately so I can remain in ignorance about large pores and wrinkles for a little while longer…

I am planning a visit to Blo Out & Refresh as soon as possible so maybe I’ll have to stop being quite so lazy about the things I put on my face!

I was so impressed by my visit that I won’t be staying away for very long!

Thank you so much for my invite to a brilliant night Blo Out & Refresh and I’ll see you soon!

Kelly x

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