#bloggersdoitbetter: trends.

I’ve just finished my last exam and, technically, my first year of university. That’s a scary fact. I’ve been living away from my parents for just under a year already and come September, I’ll be living in an actual house with friends, rather than in halls where wardens back chocolate cake during revision week and save you when you lock yourself out.

It seems like I’m growing up and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Luckily, I have three months to make my mind up. And learn to cook – a girl can’t live on scrambled egg for her whole life.


But first? I have a to-do list to get working on that kinda of got neglected as I prepped for two (not-very-nice) exams. It seems like forever since my nana was in town (post coming soon) but its been less than a week. It’s strange how much can pile up in that short an amount of time!

First up, my #bloggersdoitbetter post. This was meant to go up Monday but considering the fact that I didn’t start writing until now (40 minutes after my classics exam FYI), it’s going to be late. I also didn’t plan anything but looking through my photos from the weekend will have to do for inspiration I’m afraid.

The theme is ( was)trends – not something I pay attention to, or at least not deliberately.

Florals for spring

Anyone who has ever peaked into my wardrobe will know that I do love a good floral pattern. They’re a bit of a staple for me. I’m not sure why put I seem to be drawn to them, among other prints, including polka dots and stripes.

To be frank, I can’t afford to buy into trends and tend to keep items for a while, unless they fall apart on me. The coat is a few years old but a favourite. The skirt may not be the most practical in Scotland but I love it and have since I bought it a year or two ago. The shirt? An exception perhaps but one of the first things I bought when I finally got a new job at university.

I don’t do trends, but I do florals. All year round. Sometimes it just happens to be at the same time as the magazines.


As for me? I’m not sure when I’ll post next. I’m going to spend the next few days packing and enjoying time with my friends, before I head home for the next three months this weekend. I might take a few days to recuperate and settle back in.

I also have some books to read and review for you all so will be back with those in due time… Not to judge a book by its cover but they look exciting and refreshing after all the Horace and Virgil I’ve just struggled through.

See you soon,

Kelly x

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