Call me Narcissus.

Because this haircut is going straight to my head.

Somehow getting a couple of inches off my mane is making me feel like superwoman. Who would have thought that a couple of hours in the salon chair could put a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

My hair cut wasn’t even that dramatic.

It’s got a lot more shape than it used to and feels so much lighter and healthier now that I’ve rectified a year of neglect. It’s still long, it’s still blonde and it’s not that different. But now I feel like I can take on the world.  It doesn’t make any sense but that is the magic of a really good hair cut. It gave me the shake up I needed to stand a little taller. It the same effect usually achieved by a long holiday or an entirely new wardrobe but without the quite-so-hefty price tag and the need for a passport.

Perhaps it is vain and materialistic but sometimes a girl just needs to spend more money than she wants to admit on a good haircut.

And it’s never a bad thing to smile at what you see in the mirror . So here’s to the extra few seconds looking at your reflection, the selfies and being happy.

I’m all for anything that makes you feel grwat

And I really couldn’t fit another pair of shoes into my wardrobe.

Have you experienced a magic haircut?

Kelly x


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