FIVE ON FRIDAY: Shopping for Tall Clothing

Tall Clothing

Tall Clothing

At 6″1, finding clothes can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. I don’t have the budget to go high end and finding tall clothing on the high street can be a challenge. Luckily, I have had plenty of practice at it and now have a list of go to places whenever I’m looking for new clothes. If you are also used to exposed ankles and wrists, you might want to check out the tall ranges at these stores! I have very specific things that I buy in each store so I thought I would also share my recommendations.

  • New Look – I swear that like 3/4 of my wardrobe is from the New Look Tall range at this point. They are the first place that I look whenever I have to go clothes shopping. They’re super affordable, good quality and don’t just put an extra inch on to the end and claim that is for tall people. The only downside is that you can only buy the tall range online so there is little choice but to trust the photos on the website and go through the returns process if it’s not quite right.
  • Dorothy Perkins – I’ve only recently started to shop here for tall clothes as it is another one where you can only get it online and that is not my favourite to shop somewhere for the first time. However, I really like the tall range at Dorothy Perkins for work clothes that I don’t have to worry about being too short.
  • Long Tall Sally – One word: tights. Long Tall Sally is the place for tights for tall ladies. I have a couple of other things from them but they tend to be a little bit more on the pricey side so I don’t shop there that often. I do however swear by the tights – have I convinced you that the tights are like the best thing ever yet?
  • Boohoo – Why are all of the best tall ranges online? Boohoo can be a little less reliable when it comes to shopping, and a lot of it isn’t my cup of tea but sometimes you find some real gems. I have some of my favourite work and day dresses from here. I just need to be prepared to trawl through a lot of party dresses to find something like them again!
  • Topshop – Topshop jeans are the dream. Like Boohoo, a lot of the stuff on Topshop is not to my taste but I love their really simple, clean clothes like their jeans and some of their dresses. I don’t tend to pay much attention to trends which is probably why I don’t buy much from there but I love the things that I have bought from there

And a bonus one!

  • ASOS - This is the most extensive collection of tall clothes that I have found so be prepared to spend some time going through a LOT of pages. However, it is worth it most of the time. This is my favourite place for party or more special dresses and I cannot resist stocking up whenever there is a sale on ASOS.

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