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If you’ve been following for a little while, you might have noticed that over the last year or so, I’ve gotten really into crafts. I’m not brilliant but it brings me a lot of joy and is something that I find really relaxing.

One of the things that I’ve gotten into is making little gifts for some of my friends and family. With Christmas creeping closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about some handmade gifts that I can include this year. These are all super easy and things that I would use to relax so I thought I would share some ideas with you! You never know, you might find it useful and want to make some for yourself too! 125235577_803167673578954_8172574308926249399_n

1. Christmas Decorations. I am obsessed with making these because they’re so therapeutic and simple. I use air-dry clay, cookie cutters and paint from The Works to make these so you don’t need anything fancy. If you would like a tutorial on this, let me know. I’ve also just started making some circle and star decorations too, so hopefully these work as well. I’m sure that I’ll keep you posted on Instagram if they do!


2. Trinket dishes. While you have your clay out, you can also make these simple little trinket dishes. You will need a ramekin or dish to let these dry on to have the shape. I have three of these around my house for all the bobby pins I inevitably take out and then lose but you could also use them for jewellery. I also made a hand shaped one for holding my tweezers and nail scissors!


3. Embroidered Bag. If you’ve got needle and thread, a good beginner’s craft is a tote bag. Choose a simple design like a bookshelf or an outline and give it a go. If you think you’ve got that sorted, you can upgrade to an embroidered canvas. These are a little trickier because the canvas is less forgiving but look really effective. I already have a tutorial for an embroidered canvas here.

125517072_650964622268658_7697077649496659663_n4. Painted plant pot. I made these in the summer and shared a tutorial with you all (you can find it here). There’s no reason why you can’t gift these at Christmas though! Pop a cactus in and give it to your favourite pun-lover.


5. Something to drink. This is the first year that I’m giving this a go but it’s going well so far (fingers crossed). This year, I’m trying to make some Sloe Gin and Clemencello to gift to my friends and family. They’re simple to make but you might want to move quickly on these as they need to sit for a while, depending on the recipe. I stole my parents’ sloe gin recipe but I used this one for the Clemencello if you want to try it along with me.


6. Something to eat. Ok, this is the only stressful one on the list but it doesn’t have to be. I made clementine jam with the leftovers from my Clemencello but you can keep it simple too. Last year, I made Chocolate Bark for everyone with their favourite flavour combos. Shortbread or gingerbread is also a good shout. Just make sure you think about timings with these as you want them to be fresh. The clementine jam, for example, only lasts for ten days so it was a super early gift for some family friends this morning!

I hope this helps those of you that are looking for some simple Christmas crafts to gift to your loved ones. Please let me know if you make any of these!

Kelly x


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