Easy Punny Plant Pots


The crafts are back!

I posted one of these plant pots on Instagram and you guys loved it so I thought I’d share them on the blog too. Like with my previous craft posts, I’m not sure this technically counts as a tutorial but I will share what I did to make them.

I actually made these during a socially distant crafting party for my nana! I wanted something we could do outside in the garden and with minimal materials so I made up craft packs for these plant pots, painting mini bird houses and making coasters. Everyone had their own bag for supplies so that my nana, my mum and I could craft outside without worrying about sharing things. Because of that, you don’t need that much to make these!

If you want to make this style of pot, you will need:

  • Terracotta plant pots (these are mini ones)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Gardeners twine
  • Paintbrush
  • Stamps (I have a set of individual letters that I bought for Christmas tags last year and use all the time)
  • Black ink
  • Mod podge (or similar)

1) The first thing you want to do is paint your pots white. I used a white acrylic paint from The Works and though it needed a couple of coats, it worked brilliantly so don’t worry about buying anything special.

2) Then it’s time to wrap your twine around the top. This is just gardeners twine from Poundland. I stuck an end on with mod podge, wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and then stuck the other end down with mod podge. If you want it outside and to be more secure, you might want to glue the whole thing down!

3) Use your stamps to put your message on. If you don’t have stamps, my nana hand painted hers on! I like a good pun on mine. Think you grow girl, mint to be, aloe there! I’m actually thinking of doing some bigger herb related ones for my new house!

4) Make sure your ink is completely dry before you move it! You might also want to seal it with mod podge, particularly if they’re going outside but I didn’t with these and they’ve helped up really well.

And that’s it!

This is such a fun and easy craft. It was a good one to do with other people as it doesn’t need much concentration or skill.

I also think this would be a good one to do for gifts if you put a little houseplant in it. If you know me, there’s a slight chance one of these might be coming your way for Christmas….

Kelly x

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