THINGS TO SEE: Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper Murders

sherlock holmes ripper murders

I always forget how much I love going to the theatre until I’m back in the stalls waiting for the curtains to open to another world. I always intend to go to shows ¬† but somehow find a million and one excuses to sit in front of Netflix instead. I’ve got no money, there’s no one to go with, I’ve already put my PJ’s on… You know the drill.

The good thing is that my Nana loves the theatre too so when the poster for Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper Murders caught our eye we decided to go through with it. Tickets were bought, plans were made and we were off to the Civic Theatre for a night of drama.

sherlock holmes ripper murders

And what a show! The literary phenomenon was given fresh life by the phenomenal cast, which included TV stars from shows such as The Bill, Holby City and London’s Burning. Samuel Clemens starred as the torn Sherlock Holmes, battling his personal history and the horrible Jack the Ripper murders at once in the play.

As much as I love Holmes, the show was stolen by Watson, the perfect comic relief to the grisly deaths. ¬†Whether it was a one line quip or a well timed facial expression, he had me laughing far more than I thought I would. Who’d have thought a play about Jack the Ripper could be funny?

In our post-show-dissection, my nana and I couldn’t praise it enough. Well written, with just enough clues that the eagle-eyed could try and piece the mystery together, Sherlock Holmes and The Ripper Murders far exceeded our expectations. I don’t want to give too much away but it will keep you on your toes, jumping in your seat (I hope this wasn’t just me) and snickering. What more could you want from a show?

It’s finished in Darlington unfortunately but is touring the rest of the country this summer so keep your eyes peeled to see if it comes close to your doorstop. For venues and dates, check this site. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it if you do manage to see it!

Kelly x

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