THINGS TO SEE: The Mousetrap*

The Mousetrap,

I was kindly gifted two tickets to this production in exchange for an honest review.

The Mousetrap,

It feels almost criminal to admit that I have never seen Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap until tonight. Somehow I have gone 24 years without knowing the secret to one of the most famous whodunnits there is. Luckily, Darlington Hippodrome were on hand to help me out and kindly gifted me two tickets to their production of the long running show. I arrived with a whole heap of curiousity in tow.

What followed was an intense, humourous and down right mind boggling play that had me hooked. This is a show with plenty of secrets and an incredibly talented cast who carefully share them with the audience throughout the show until you are left with just enough puzzle pieces to get suspicious. In particular, Lewis Chandler was sublime as Christopher Wren and a real favourite of mine from the moment he first came on stage. I also have to say that Geoff Arnold was brilliant as Seregeant Trotter, the police man desperately trying to keep everyone safe and in check. There was some serious talent on that stage but those two really stood out to me.

This was a slick production, with seamless effects and a beautiful set that whisked me away to the past. The designer and production team did a fantastic job of ensuring that audiences were swept up into the mousetrap and not quite sure how to escape. It was a true maze, with plenty of dark corners for mysteries to unfold in.

As for saying much more about the play itself, I have made  a serious vow to keep this show’s many secrets and I don’t intend to break it. I will say however that I was guessing and doubting and conspiring from the very first minute until the end. Though a little melodramatic in places, I cannot deny that this was a thrilling production and with all the genius I have come to expect from anything by Agatha Christie. I guess you will just have to trust me that this is worth seeing, even if you might not trust anyone on stage.

Kelly x

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