Happy Birthday Mum!


I was sitting down to write today’s post when I realised that all I really wanted to do was get on a train and celebrate my mum’s birthday with her. Even after nearly four years up here, it still doesn’t feel right celebrating birthdays away from my folks, whether they’re mine or not. If I was at home, I’d probably fail at making breakfast and stick with making mum a good cuppa, before I got over-excited and begged her to open her presents right that second. I do enjoy birthdays, especially when they give me a chance to spoil my loved ones.

Since going home is not an option (oh hey there final year deadlines), I figured a little online love was in order. With that in mind, I want to wish my mum the happiest of birthdays. If you fancy, I’m sure she’d love it if you wished for it too!

She’s a good egg, is my mum. I don’t think I tell her that as often as I should, especially now that I live here in Scotland. But she truly deserves to be spoilt and loved, especially on her birthday. Whatever she ends up doing today, I hope it’s something that she loves, something that makes her realise how much she is loved. It’s something I certainly plan on telling her in person as soon as I can.

Happy birthday momma! At least, you don’t have to put up with my singing today and I’ll make you that cuppa soon enough.

I love you,

Kelly x

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