Making A Room Your Own


Whether you’ve just moved into your student accommodation or have headed to a flat share in the grown up world, it can take a while to find your feet in a new home. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I was given before starting university was to take the time to unpack and decorate your new room as soon as possible. Although it might seem like a chore, it makes the space feel like yours a lot quicker, which helps during the whirlwind that is the start of university. It is advice that I’ve since passed on to a lot of people over the years and am turning to myself recently.

I’ve recently back in with my parents for a little while. They’ve got a new house since I moved to Scotland which meant that I had a blank canvas waiting for me. After living in halls and then sharing a house with my friends, I knew that I wanted to make it my own as quickly as possible.

I’m still rearranging some things and have a little left to do but I’m pretty happy with how it looks now. I also didn’t really have a big budget to do anything so all the tips and tricks that I’ve used are super affordable. In rented accomodation (or your parents’ house), you don’t usually get a say in furniture or the like so it’s all about the little things you can do to make the space feel like your own.

So if you’ve just moved into a new space and want to spruce it up a little bit, here are some of my tips:


  • Use photos of your family and friends to decorate. I have some of my favourite photos printed out and stuck up around my room. It’s a lovely reminder of some great memories and fills up some of the blank spaces in my room!


  • On a similar note, posters and art prints had a personal touch. I even have a couple of canvases that my friend Sarah and my Nana painted for me. I also picked up an amazing Harry Potter print in Primark for about £6/7 that I love and have a super nerdy print that Sam got me for Christmas one year. My house in Scotland was decorated with a load of Dorkface prints that unfortunately got damaged in the move. There are so many amazing prints on her Etsy at the moment that I don’t think it will be long before I repurchase some! (If you’re interested, you can find her shop here)


  • Cute ornaments and trinkets can also make all the difference. I have a little wooden pig that my friend’s mum got me when I moved to university and a lovely jewellery dish that I got when I was in Norway.


  • Finally, don’t forget about your bed. Changing your bedding and cushions is a super affordable way of decorating your room. You can mix it up easily when you’re bored too!

While none of these are revolutionary, they are really easy ways to transform a room, particularly if you are in rented accommodation and have limited power to change things.

Kelly x

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