On saying no and slowing down

on saying no and slowing down

I have a confession.

I have a very dangerous desire to do everything. I say yes and yes and yes and then find myself running from one opportunity to another with barely enough time for things like real food or sleep.

on saying no and slowing down

It’s not exactly healthy but the truth is I like to be busy.

I’m not really one of those people that can sit down and just do nothing. Sometimes I wish I could but then I’ll remember that book I’ve been wanting to read or a piece I need to write and that nothingness disappears into a lovely flurry of words and occasional stress.

But the other day, I had to force myself to say no. I got an awesome email offering me the chance to return to my earlier internship for another couple of weeks but my excitement soon disappeared when I sat down with my diary (ok my brain because I still haven’t brought a new diary yet, don’t judge me) and realised that I simply couldn’t do it. Unless I went all Hermione Grainger and managed to crack this two places at once thing, it was impossible.

The day after, I turned down some extra work for a night with my best friends. Because as nice as the extra cash would have been, it can’t beat homemade pizza and the kind of real belly laughs your friends deliver.

on slowing down and saying no

And saying no felt really really good for once.

I guess pinterest is right and life has a funny way of giving you what you need though because not long after having to send an email politely declining -which nearly killed me, I’m telling you –  the opportunity to house sit for a family friend arose. And now I have two days to relax and recharge and maybe even get on with some of that writing I love but somehow always avoid. It sounds ideal to me. A change of scenery, an adorable dog to take care of and some peace and quiet seem like the perfect antidote to being almost burnt out.

So I’m raising my freshly brewed coffee to a delightfully un-booked schedule. Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Kelly x

6 thoughts on “On saying no and slowing down

  1. I’m awful at saying no too. I’m supposed to be saying no to lots because we need to save to buy a house but I get so guilty and feel bad!

    Also, like you, I’m rubbish at sitting indoors and doing nothing, it’s so so boring and I get all fidgety!

    Must make more effort :D

    Chloe x

  2. I say no more than you can imagine, and I don’t like being overly busy, but get easily bored too! I’m a Gemini, what can I say! The thing I find the hardest is when I book too many things in and then start dreading the weekend – so definitely being careful with that is good!

  3. Oh I’ve been so guilty of the yes thing in the past. It wasn’t until I got pregnant that I really learned to say no. Like you I find it incredibly hard to just stop and relax. But being burnt out is even worse!

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