Things that don’t make me a bad blogger.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a blogger recently and particularly about the expectations around blogging. Sometimes I end up feeling a lot of guilt about blogging and it’s taking a long time to realise that there is a lot that I don’t actually need to say sorry for. So, this is my public declaration that I won’t apologise for these things and they don’t make me (or anyone else) a bad blogger.


  • Reusing photos
  • Using my iPhone for photos
  • Not having the fanciest camera (or even one that works at the moment)
  • Not posting every day
  • Not posting according to a fixed schedule
  • Missing a post
  • Taking a break and missing quite a few posts
  • Going out for dinner and not blogging about it
  • Hanging out with friends or family without trying to make content from it
  • Not reading as much as I used to
  • Not being caught up with the latest trends
  • …or the latest releases
  • Turning off my blogging head during the work week
  • Only posting on social media on the weekend (because I turn off my blogging head during the work week)
  • Prioritising real life over online life
  • Not having frequent hauls
  • Eating cereal rather that a fancy breakfast
  • Choosing to remain at home, even if that means you don’t have blog content
  • Not having an ‘Instagrammable’ home as a background
  • Seeing blogging as a hobby rather than a business I need to hustle at

And, with that, I hereby pledge to stop the ‘bad’ blogger guilt! Will you join me?

Kelly x

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