Things to do in New York City

new york city

I’ve barely been able to contain my excitement about our upcoming holiday to New York and now it is SO close! I am looking forward to spending a week with my favourite ladies in such a beautiful place and soaking it all in. This semester has been full of challenges and a holiday is just what I need. It’s now less than a week until we go so I thought I’d share some of the things that I hope to do and see while we’re in the city. I saw a similar post over on Colours and Carousel and thought it was such a great way of getting ready for a┬áholiday that I decided to try it myself. If you want to see Charlotte’s post, you can find it here.

new york city

If you’ve got any last minute recommendations that you think NEED to make it to the list, let me know in the comments. I’ll also be sharing some snaps over on Instagram, so go find me at @thisnortherngal if you want to see what we get up to!

new york city

Without further ado, here’s the things I hope to try in New York:

  • I am desperate to try New York pizza! Whenever I see New York bloggers, like Love Taza, tucking in, I get serious food envy and you can bet that I will be eating my way around the city while I’m there.
  • Since I’ve never been before, I will definitely be playing tourist and taking in as many of the sites as possible. From Times Square to Ellis Island, I’ll be there, probably complaining about the heat but as happy as happy can be just to finally see them for myself.
  • Broadway baby! We actually managed to get matinee tickets for a really good deal so this one will definitely be happening and I can’t wait! They may not be the best seats in the world but they will be on broadway so I can cope with that.
  • This is actually a birthday trip for us as we all turned 21 this year. Part of our motivation was sipping cocktails sex in the city style so I have high hopes for this one. I like to imagine we’ll look brilliantly sophisticated and stylish while doing so…
  • Anyone who has ever watched Gossip Girl knows how much fun shopping in New York city can be and I have a suitcase to fill!

I’m sure I’ll share plenty with you guys when I come back but if you couldn’t tell, I am so, so excited about this! See you when I get back!

Kelly x


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